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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
So I guess when everything's all done... I will be sleeping in for a while, taking it easy... eating homemade salsa and chips... yadda yadda yadda. Until then though, I'm stuck with a pile of shit I really don't know where to put. After quite some time I realize how dreadful I am with packing. I should of listened to that tiny voice inside my head... or my mother's nagging and started going through my closet 2 weeks ago. But California was sweet, friends were even sweeter, and there was nothing I could do than do what I do best, bask into some adventures, some tete-a-tetes, and of course, running around like the wonderful idiot that I am at the PP. Now, I suffer the consequences. Now, I won't be able to plan out a going away dinner because I am way too busy burning my music and saving pictures and spending somewhat long minutes at my dentist. To top that off with, I am also destructed being sad as if life for me is ending. I thought I wanted this. Well, I do so very much. However, I will miss all the people who made it to a very exciting chapter in my life. California will be unforgettable; I guess now, another one awaits for me in the middle.

Until then, the pile`o shit in my bed, in the floor, everywhere...first.


My mind's unweaving/ 12:42 AM


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Tis written unlike no other in my attempt for creativity. Here, you'll find *fragmented fictional and real stories that are relevant to my life in some ways. I don't enumerate things that happens to me everyday nor do i purposely rant about lame, stupid "teenage" cliches. My entries are from memory, past experiences, reviews (food, book, movie) and my opinions on current issues--and no, no politics whatsoever. Grammatically incorrect to a degree but nothing that can make you squirm (or so I hope not).

P.S. Put in mind that I'm a scrumptious-looking cupcake and you know you can never, EVER, resist me...so no hating or you'll never get to eat "us" again! lol

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