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Sunday, May 11, 2008

For they Will Always be a Figment of your Being

Sit, sit, sit.
Talk, talk, talk.

Keep it low, whispers in bulks.

Who could have thought,
such weakling knees can...
talk, talk, talk...
the whole town unfolds.

"So and so makes evil potions"
"She got pregnant..."
"...slept away with everyone in this town"

Then, there came Uncle Caloy says,
hush, hush, hush,
"It's not good to talk...Ma."

But old ladies still...
talk, talk, talk.

I grew up listening; I also grew up and not understand anything. But the number one thing that stuck to me the most was the fact that I supposedly "killed mom" while giving birth to me. And they still think I am thy black sheep of the family, I intend to further on with this "plan". Not really. Even though I do not show it enough or not at all, I love all the women in my family who've been there and shown me tough love from the start.

Because I am not much of an affectionate person (not verbally, anyway), I say I love:

My Grandma for providing me unrequited love. She made sure I am loved. She was there in every school recitals and comencement programs.

My sisters Catherine and Claire who are blossoming mothers themselves.

My Aunts Dina and Josie for taking me under their wings when I needed a place. For making sure I know what good and evil was.

My mom, even though I've chosen many wrong turns, I hope someday she'll understand: I don't do things to fail and have this great fiasco [of failure]. I do certain things my way because I am my own person.

For all mothers who have sacrificed everything for a better life, who thought more of others than themselves, who made a millionth PB&J sandwiches in their lives, who've worked almost 365 days in a year, YOU ALL DESERVED A PLAQUE THAT SAYS:

You Rock our world!
What would happen to the world without you [guys]?
Happy Mother's Day!!

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