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Thursday, December 20, 2007
It Just Takes Some Time

I wish I was home for the holidays. To hear the laughters of the family I am too fond and familiar with. To sleep at night in a humid weather and wake up in the morning to experience the same heat. For a moment here, I thought I did not know what "home" is anymore. Although the sadness I am feeling as my heart get crushed, and crushed some more reminded me how wonderful it would be if I was home in the shelter of the people that know me well...the place...that regardless how far out it is compared to my current living situations now, would still inspire me to live life be. Where tomorrow would be another day and the rain might bring in a colorful companion with him, to ease the gloom and the pain that it has brought.

I am nostalgic. Some days I wished I was a 5 again, able to run behind my Nana every time Jason tormented me with his sword stick...and some days I just wished she could hear me crying and tell me "kanim deta itlog mo tapnu tumakkil ka pay"(eat your eggs so you will grow taller)--and everything will be alright.

Growing up as a spoiled kid, I am handling my current situation, "adulthood" as I may put it into terms, just fine. But I don't think eating the lemons directly out of the tree instead of making lemonade first is the ethical thing to do. Life is bittersweet and I hoped when I wake up tomorrow morning, I am completely in a different setting with unicorns pooping rainbows, trees growing broccolis I can eat right off the branch and an over abundance of sunshine rain to shower me with reserved happiness. But of course, I can never have everything I want. So maybe a mug of coffee and a day off will do.

P.S. I think I am BACCKKK, with my mouth shut (this time haha) and my brains wide open for more stories and renditions of my wonderful time spending it all on at the PP, and then more.

**Jason is my very sneaky cousin. At a young age, he was very manipulative and ruthless. I heard he has grown out of it though. I don't believe it and just have to see it for myself.

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