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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
A Twisted Reality: Online Desperation

Flatter-ed, or rather disgusted by his extremely forward move, I responded in a disinterested manner and said hello. I completely missed the fact that many people actually get captivated by this "4 letter word" like Dorothy from the movie Jerry Maguire. Although I don't think there was much of a magic when I typed hello and sent it to a very anonymous being who claimed to be from Australia, I was still pissed that "hello" is not the same as "fuck off" and there, started, my first real preaching from a very imbecilic individual looking for a girlfriend on the web.

My luck, indeed. He spotted me pissing off in a Filipino Chat Room (the first in years) and acting like the biggest ass with "Duvira" (cly_de), typing with a very homosexual accents and getting a lot of "boos" and badgers from the seemingly annoyed people. I then recieved a random hi and an "a/s/l pls" note from a guest5678 and as anonymous as it/he/she can be--I couldn't tell. I soon found out he was of the male specie and from Australia, panic (aaaaah!), flatter-ed, (OMG!) and so, I played along thinking he must be hot and had a life after he asked me to be his "girlfriend" right off the bat, that is. Hope bruised, heart stricken, I thought he needed to know the real deal when it comes to online dating--no erased that--online desparation and the consequences that comes with it. After pointing out the obvious "what if's" (ie. what if i'm fat and ugly) and convincing him that long distance relationships don't really work out that well, he was not ready to give up pursuing me--in which case, could have been anyone...a perverted 60 yrs. old guy that produce pornographic materials, a pyscho path killer, or even an automated response instant messaging (to name a few). He stated, in an very hard to understand accented language, that distance nor physical appearance should not be a hinder from finding a woman who would take good care (explanation: slave over him!) and "marrie" him. Bravo! He was a hopeless romantic, just like many guys all over the world who would do anything to get laid. Eventhough "anything" means buying a bride from Asia or being casually careless online.

He was not at all "stupid" as I claim him to be, however. He asked a very obvious question "what's the internet for (anyway)"--meaning what is it for besides trying to get a girlfriend from the worst places possible--chat rooms where, a lot of people pose to be someone else (like what cly_de and I did, out of boredom). Internet has a lot of uses, mind you, Mr. Desperate. The internet contains various news from different famous newspaper websites, job search engines...actual search engines like yahoo, google, ask, blogs to enumerate opinions across and yes, to "meet people" but never, EVER for anything that involves real marriage or love. After stating my very obvious "turn off" opinions, he still, didn't get it and ask away "would you be my girlfriend, pretty pls?" Then, I said, "I'm sure there's a lot of hot girls in Australia", logged off, and kissed the horrid desperation that men like him are showing, goodbye.

Please be very careful online. Don't prey other people you don't really know nor let others prey over you. Be wise and don't post clearly defined informations--your address, name, etc. And when it comes to love or dating and you're desparate, pls. leave the internet behind...go out there, socialize, instead of drooling over your keyboard and waiting for Ms./Mr. Right to pop out, bare naked in your computer screen.

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