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Saturday, September 1, 2007
Ridiculous self=ridiculous Entry. Read and let Read!

I remember...

...that cold november day in my high school's quad area scared, lost, and almost teary eyed; my mom dropped me off to school and trusted herself to trust me deal with the alien-like establishments on my own. I palpitated by the site of the tallest people I've ever seen in my entire life as blood in my nose started dripping upon witnessing clumps of students standing everywhere... It felt like the movies; no, maybe a busy New York traffic, and I, amidst all the hustle and the bustle, was a lost puppy that could walk but will never get anywhere or so it seemed.


...I got over the joke that the push buttons in every traffic lights in every intersection in America will buzz me in and electricute me to death. The mind-blowing traffic had lost its ridiculous charm of giving me headaches or making me sick, in general. People do not scare me anymore, rather, I scare them, with my awesome uniqueness. I stopped my corny pursuits of "the-boy-next-door", letting them moronic minds have a hard time pursuing me, instead (or so i think haha!). Racism remarks have long gone abondon me as I try not to classify my friends by the color of their skin. Naively, I called my first friend here "a black" and nothing else. And thus, after 4 years of growing and catching up with the American culture, I am like a proud mama. Alas, my inner child is finally growing into a very sophisticated thinker with a better taste in music, food, and hobbies. No more sitting around my room wondering when will my prince charming come and save me from agonizing pain...and thanks to my peers, I now know what a bong is, a hookah, and a marlboro stick.


...there will be neither wailing nor a chick in vain because this month brings me a new beginning and a year filled with lotto sweepstakes and "to each my own" individuality BS. In 17 days, I will be turning legal as stated in the law of the United States which means I have more freedom to skip school and buy me a stick of cigaratte in my parallel universe. Also, I have finally registered for classes in a new school, with hopefully, more cute guys and delusional hoochie girls. I can't wait; I can't contain my excitement anymore and so i provide thee, my nonexistent readers, a list of what I really want (and not necessarily should get) for my birthday (even how hard it is for me to think of anything.):

1. A yellow vintage Mustang with leather sits, complete with pine tree car freshener, a disco ball, and James Franco in the front sit.

2. Bags of gum balls to put in my empty gum dispenser that I got from my mother's boyfriend, christmas of '05.

3. A digital slr camera..nikon, canon, to name a few. So that i could finally stalk every guy who i think is cute from a distance. Or an Holga Camera will do...as if my digi cam is not enough already.

4. Gallons of acrylic paints for my artistic growth.

5. A green ipod and a sim card for my cellphone. Plus! blah blah.

6. To be continued...

Oh F***. I am more materialistic this year than last year. I remember asking for some "sunshine" my last birthday. haha Anyway, its not that I have everything else in the world but I am pretty contended with what I have, for right now. So that's what my hallucinated self want... and it might change again in about a week.


My mind's unweaving/ 10:00 PM


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P.S. Put in mind that I'm a scrumptious-looking cupcake and you know you can never, EVER, resist me...so no hating or you'll never get to eat "us" again! lol

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