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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Young, Foolish, Aching Hearts

The music industry is filled with gloomy songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Songs like Goodbye by the Air Supply are everywhere: in the radio, online, your neighbor's boombox, in Hot Topic... and deep down within you is an overplayed song ready to be sung. The sadness reverberates through your soul and pursues like a dark cloud ready to pour heavy rain (with thunders and lightnings to match) in your parade. Ironically, when someone is in a state of healing, a person finds it easy to relate to the world, as it is in fact, a melancholic place itself. And suddenly, one discovers a sense of company from Motion City Soundtrack and the screaming renditions of Mr. Dashboard Confessional despite of hating the depressing tunes in the first place. After a while of head bangs and sing-a-longs, globe of tears abruptly drop in against your serene face and there, emerges an upside down smile, making you feel miserable once more. Negative energy over rules your body and triggers a twisted mindset. You are clueless on what to do as if your emotions have poisoned the central part of your brain with the thoughts of whom ever he may be. The brain goes numb and you find yourself imagining all the slides of past memories in front of you. A bitter smile is all you can offer and when you go on further, you wish the past is now and the present is yet to come. After witnessing possibly a lifetime of memories with the person you once cherished, you realize that there are not any yellow time machines to help you voyage back into the past. Oh how you wish to re-do all your mistakes--and how we all desire to accomplish the same.

But my friend! All you can do now is to move forward...even if it means letting all these sad music bruise your soul, break your ear drums and then some. You will definitely bleed and hopes will be terribly crushed however:

You’ll be fine tomorrow as the sun will rise again.

Goodbye my old friend, we've reached the end. I'll be missing you and hit it kiddos:

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