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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
My Desiderata

To: The Author, age 18.

Dear you,

You should know by now that the Orange Line does not provide a 24-hour service. I give you the props of not going all the way to North Hollywood yesterday just because you "felt like crap". I know how you felt, but taking plight every time your head is numb from thinking or you cannot force a tear or two anymore will never be the solution to your problems. You're only exposing yourself of danger and convincing anyone you are a black belter in Karate does not give you prime self-defense. On the up-side though, you managed to cleanse out your contorted mind although they did not come up with something called yoga for nothing. Use it to your advantage and when you feel like everything and everyone's a downer, do not be scared to flex your whole body, balance your mind, and ohmm your way out of stress and frustration. And the Orange line? It will always be there...it is not going anywhere.

Your 18th birthday marks a wonderful life-span for you. You've been through many things the past 18 years but don't forget there will always be other people who have had it better and worst. And that's fine. You don't have to be on top of anyone; you don't have to achieve perfection to out do all humanity. Remind yourself that being you is good enough and you might as well change only for the better. The good part is that, you're still in your teen years: you still have time to change, invent your outlook in life and try out new things. I know you will because I've seen a tremendous amount of change from you since 4 years ago. You must keep discovering all these hidden knacks within you--I believe you are more than a girl-next-door although you cannot always be humble for other people's being. Keep your compassion but never, ever put down yourself and diminish your will to be a human being too.

Keep a spark in all of your passions; if you can't achieve your dreams today, look forward for tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. Nothing in life is achievable overnight so don't be frustrated when the things you want to happen has gone antsy. That's why you gotta be passionate always and this will help you to achieve if not all, some of the things you've been dreaming your whole life. If there is one thing you can do for yourself is that, don't give up on your dreams and on people. Have patience and learn to sit still and try to enjoy life from a day-to-day basis. You don't want to be 50 someday and realize that you've wasted your whole entire life reflecting only with the scars of the past. Learn to let go of things you cannot change and move on.

As for people who've always been there for you...I can sense a vortex of guilt. Remember to be nice and think things through before stating your point of views--or even just personal comments. This will not only lessen sudden arguements between you and the people you care the most but it also helps you to become a better individual. You are 18 now! Let yourself grow and leave all the negative childish acts behind but it is always better to cling on a child-like outlook. You can grow old but you can still have fun, be happy, and enjoy the small things that many adults now find worthless.

You'll learn that a lot of things in life are temporary so don't get hang up on the small, pesky details that make you gain 20 pounds, wrinkles, and in the end, ugly. Don't let these things affect you permanently as to why, learn to chill out and when it gets rougher, remind yourself all the wonderful moments that made you deliriously happy and the people who care about you even if its not obvious. Thank these people constantly, and more important, thank god for bestowing you life and guiding you through the bright side.

Anyway, don't stop caring for your family, friends, and strangers you might find cute or poorly treated. Don't seek revenge! Keep caring even if it would break your heart someday. And even if it does, remember life goes on and you does too. Take it with a stride and don't get stuck by it. It would be hard to do all these at first but you'll learn as you go on with life.

Dream.Enjoy.Laugh.Love.Peace.Happiness. Happy 18th Birthday, Keekee!!

Keep Forever. Love,
Your inner, saner soul.

My mind's unweaving/ 1:05 PM


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