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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Memory #2

Loaded with a 200 peso load in my cellphone, I was excited to ring up Cly_de and surprised him with a great big "Hellooo." I had to leave my town that day, waiting for the bus to arrive and thinking through the summer gone by--pages of vague pictures in my head, the laughters, and the goodbyes. A calming jolt occured and the electrifying buzz that the mobile phone provided me afterwards disturbed my musings; I found a reply from him. "Hey ate!! Omgha, where are you? Who are you with!? ..." exclaimed the ever delighted Cly_de with his never-ending questions. It was wonderful to hear from him again after a month of often disconnected messages and "I hope you're doing fines", alas, a discovered common ground: his flip phone, my new motorola L2VR.

We talked long, and long gone my loaded phone. After 5 hours of exchange text messages and its spelling quirks, my phone reached his maximum capacity and left me with nothing but bootless technology. Low battery and not a single peso left to enjoy the momentary akimbo, I broke away and diverted myself to the acres of farms, the torpid people along side roads and the swaying coconut trees which provided utmost entertainment. Excitement escalated all over me upon witnessing seemingly yet another nature trip; I've always love traveling and the exhillerating, winding views my surroundings offer captured my attention years ago, before I even had my first gag experience going to Bagiuo.

For so many years of traveling along curving roads and elevated freeways, I was proud to tell my family, who witnessed me go through so many sickening trips, that I am so used to riding in the backseat and trying not to break my numbing head completely from all the car motions. Its amazing how years of being in a country where the main transportation is by car, can do. I can now truly say I am one hardcore bitch, regarding sitting down in a moving car, letting my hair fly everywhere, and enjoying the breeze that's hitting my face, that is. But however tough I want myself to be when it comes to a long drive to god knows where, my patience have had its gruelling tests that often resulted to hateful whines, mind-blowing boredoms, and nail-biting frenzies--I cannot sit still! And thus, my impatience during long trips developed me into a keen observer. Unlike many people who would rather read a magazine, sleep, or complete a whole easy edition of a sudoku book because "they have seen all of it", I, however, prop myself to the window sill and lull over the spreading, ceaseless, beauty that lie within beautiful sceneries, naked people taking baths on rivers...dryed out California mountain ranges, houses, coastal highways..etc.

My sister asked (so many times this summer) why I never sleep during trips. I never told her and of course she never knew that I don't want to miss any single detail from a free viewing of God's bestest gift: nature.

Completely random piece of information:
I'm in ESL 3 next sem. whatthe$#@%?

him? her? I hate the english language completely. Grammar errors too? Eff you.

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