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Sunday, August 26, 2007

She felt a tug of confidence under her sleeves. It was as if she had grown 10 inches taller--everything seemed small or rather just perfect for her size. LAX, where it looked collosal ages ago then stood nothing awe-amazing but only structured weary, ambigous faces, and definitely excitements from all sorts of races like pack-sardines: there were (but not limited to) Spaniards, Americans, Filipinos--Europeans. With all the suitcases and boxes embarking upon the small scaled lobby of Bradley International airport, the once uniformed aisles of check in portals had distort itself from all the perplexed questions from passengers; and all the yelling on top of the other caused a tremendous amount of induced, an annoying reverberating echoes in anyone's ear drums.

About an hour earlier, Anna, sat side-by-side with her mother in a never-ending muteness, only an inch distance, but it seemed like they were both miles away from each other. Rushes of blood both compounded their heads: Mrs. Guitterez lost in thoughts of the breakdown earlier and Anna just wanting to get away from her mom for a little while and thought a month of vacation is all that she needed then. Of course, the summer ahead have kept Anna guessing for all the possibilities that will happen in a country almost became so foreign to her. The holiday was an immidiate decision for her side. There weren't no planning ahead, no buying goodies...password books to keep her company in an 11-hour flight. Just packed her suitcases the day after, and long after the drama, farewells from her divine friends, and her 30-minute infatuation for that rocker dude in the coach bus, she aboarded a flight going to Manila and gone for good.

"Hasta la vista..." she said quietly, smiling and looking down the Californian lights that almost seemed like stars, milky way...Christmas.

*wrote it under my mosquito nets, the first time i got to my hometown. *

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