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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Shroom the third: Shrek made it with the help of other fairy-tale characters. A worthy of B-?

Our barfed-green, giant friend is at it again on the big screen, still spoofing other fairy-tale characters, accompanied with a Justin T's sexy voice, and unfortunately faltering--at its best, a must-see for kids under 7, younger adults, possibly 10-13 years of age and their wonderful parents who have become kids themselves.

Shrek the Third did not surpass neither the second or its first movies, although did not fall flat to its face, I was disappointed to see yet another Shrek-must-save-the-day movie, a slight difference from the first two but repetitive otherwise. And so I think, it deserves a slightly kick on the rear end and absolutely undeserving to be the top movie on the box office hits. There were a few good laughs, mind you but nothing that made me want to go back next year or the year after to go see a 4th one. I was not buying the whole other fairy-tale characters anymore even thought it worked like a charm in Shrek 1. Although the producers added its own original characters, plus a very lovable, irresistable ogre for *Mcdonalds to use as an incentive to lule younger customers in (*Notoriously known for making America, FAT), the whole movie was like watching Cinderella triumph to go to the Prince's ball all over again. Cliche overuled the movie: Frog king died, son-in-law is next to the throne but does not want to, son-in-law went to look for another alternative, and the villain, Charming, tries to take away the throne--jea, there's a twist right there. Do you see it?

In addition to reigning as another cliche animation, the plot was rush too. The animators put too much time on unimportant parts of the movie instead of developing the climax and or the plot more. Shrek had an easy time looking for Arthur, the supposed alternative for the throne of Far Far Away (what a name! They even spoofed the Hollywood sign and well, changed it into Far Far Away). If he was going to be the savior anyway, why did they not make it harder for Shrek to find him? I don't remember exact details because i resisted of actually remembering anything from the movie, but some of the parts were vague and some, that weren't essential at all, were develop further causing the movie to go on for about an hour and thirty minutes, or even longer (when it could have been shorter).

And did anyone who have seen it think the place Far Far Away looks just like Hollywood? I was in West Hollywood to gaze stars at the Griffith Observatory 6 months ago and I swear Highlands is the inspiration for Far Far Away. The Observatory as the palace that overlook the commoners place or San Fernando Valley and the long lines of Palm Trees were, after all, Beverly Hills.

Anyway, maybe I am grewing out of my pixar-animation days, who knows! But if you want to waste 10 bucks on something you have seen and familiar with already, then go ahead, go watch Shrek the third and feel free to contradict my views on this..
.oh no...oh yea, oh yowza blockbuster..OOOOh (as my opinion is lame itself).

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