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Saturday, May 12, 2007
Cliche Niche

When you get to the ocean, do you use your arms to swim or let yourself float? I am sure many of you have reached all sorts of finish lines before, maybe not as champions by your own live races but have finished something nonetheless. I see success as getting into your own pool of post doubts or celebrations, still struggling to swim or enjoying the undazed, chlorined water, floating and celebrating.

39 days from now, the kids at my school (and hopefully I myself will) will be walking down the stage in the newly mowed football field with visible confidence of having to yet again finish another chapter in their lives. They are on top of their own games, and a life coach have already given them an assured scholarship from different collages and unversities. "Anything is invetible" --they repeatedly try to convince that tiny, evil voice that constantly discourages them of getting and being somewhere other than this town. But what the future brings to these promising doctors, lawyers, and businessmen is questionable. Getting through 12 years of school is a big hurrah, being in a bigger institution and successful in the real world is another rocky mountain waiting for these new generation of smart kids to stumble and triumph from. It is not an skeptic notion but rather generally what the "real world" will bring even if you do it by yourself or with the guidance of others that have done it before you.

Personally for me, it doesn't matter when you get there but how, with all the scratches and bruises, do you manage to have fun and still get there. I have yet to convinced myself that I actually reach this point in life, 17, a soon to be a graduate of a small school and well, still have not done any relevance to the world before i could discuss another journey i'll soon be taking. I do not see graduating from high school a finish line for me but rather lucky if I get out of high school that is. Ever since I was a small kid, I have had plans for myself: the first one might have been to join & reign as Little Miss Philippines and be on TV--it apparently did not happen as I still envy gorgeous women and live a life in vain. I soon transfered to look upon my older sister, convinced, that i wanted to be just like her, epitome of the artist she used to be. Within years of living behind her artistic merit, I moved on and made another dream, hope, a want: to be a doctor. Because i've heard doctors acquire a lot of money, I thought i would stick to it and drive a red convertible someday and still willing to help other people while, well, taking away their money. Until I soon learned it take 10 years and high tuition fees in return just to be so. No way, Jose, I declared to anyone--the Jose's of the world, maybe.

Confusion about wants pertaining to goals can be high on the radar when you're young: 17, 25, there's not much of a difference. Our minds changes as fast as lightning bolts (for some of us) while for others, they stick to what they want and can truly be successful in life. Getting a diploma, I see now, is not a big deal if you don't really know what to do with it. Yes, you can go to college and bullshit your first year but then wouldn't that be somehow a waste of time!? It is either training wheels for the new road or a guidance guru to lead the path of success; neither is available. There is a thin line between being brilliantly creative and an idiot so when in doubt, just take a dive and see how things will come up. I guess that's all we need to do, to be daring but do things rightly and we'll soon find out where the present can lead our future. Test and go ahead, ride and if it doesn't work out, TRY AGAIN LATER.

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