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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ballerinas of the Middle East, 1.

"Only 5 dollars, ladies," the man behind the counter told us with a cultured accent...a little bit of a middle eastern mouth although until now, I'd still picture him waving his arms around like the Godfather mobs. I invited Donica to come along with me that Friday night as I didn't want to watch another festivity alone and bitter. I forced myself to for once, spend a little something on my friends thus I told her that the ticket was on me. That's one disadvantage of not having a better-half, boyfriend, a pimp (whatever): you always have to squatter around your friends until you find the perfect companions to accompany you with certain events. You see, it is always hard to go shopping with the guys and even harder to be carefree around the girls (and when I said carefree i meant no boundaries or insecurities that often arises between female companions). Then again, who wants to be tied down, be suffocated, and possibly end up dying (methaporically) with a controlling boyfriend or girlfriend?

The turn outs for the Hungama Show was very surprising given the fact that although it was announced and various flyers were posted all over school, there were a lack thereof. They called it Hungama which pertains to Middle Eastern cultures only but Mexican dances and African-American step-dance are presented too. The show started off with a mainger like stint, Mary and Joseph on the center stage with a slight difference as the hungama twist was added. A majority of the performers sang, danced, and paraded down the runaway (as there was a fashion show too...a long one that killed the whole
bumping routine) on various Bollywood songs. Amidst the proud Middle Eastern parents & kids who eventually understood the festive songs being played, Donica and I were definitely lost in translation. If you've listened to foreign language cassette tapes before, that was how the whole program sounded like but of course, absolutely better than blunt. What the artists were singing didn't really matter to us, however--we're cultured kids...we eat samosas on chinese containers and stir-fried noodles with fork...listening to weird phonics sing-song was far from our problems, and so accordingly delighted, I danced along with them.

Refreshing to the ears, that's how I would describe it. Being able to dripped off, away from american rap, hip hop, and or my daily favorites, indie & alternative renditions for one day was amazing in a sense that, I actually enjoyed the beat and rhythm than the lyrics alone. The sad songs? Pretty upbeat and it is now no wonder why a lot of Persian kids that i know or Middle Easterns in general loves to party--outgoing, and playful...BECAUSE they have great, off the hook music to party with. And trust me, Shakira got nothing, niet, nada, on those dancers who waved their arms and moved their hips gracefully, like actors in a Bollywood musical movie.

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